Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer

$8.50 / bag

After realizing that there are no coffee creamers on the market that are both non-dairy and that do not contain hydrogenated fat, we decided to create our own. At the time of this label printing, all dry coffee creamers on the market contain hydrogenated oils. Caveman Fuel products have never used hydrogenated oils and have always listed trans-fats on labels. Other products still contain just as much hydrogenated oil as before, but claim 0 grams trans-fats on the new labels required in 2007. This is allowed if a product contains less than 1g for the serving size, such as .998g. This means there can still be over 15g of hydrogenated fat per 8 oz. serving. This product has NO hydrogenated fat and NO trans-fats.

The Calcium in this creamer helps neutralize coffee acid. Non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil is the closest vegetable fat to the fat found in human milk and is a good source of essential medium chain fatty acids that help maintain good (HDL) cholesterol levels. Corn Syrup Solids is a healthy, time released complex carbohydrate used in infant formulas for years. When water is evaporated from pure corn syrup, it becomes natural corn syrup solids (no relation to High Fructose Corn Sweeteners which do not occur in nature). It also provides some sweetness, reducing the need for as much simple sugar. Like all Caveman Fuel products, this creamer is made with only healthy, natural ingredients.

Allergen Warning: Sodium Caseinate is extracted from the pure amino acid salts in cow's milk and is a good soluble emulsifier for oil and water (coffee). It is far less allergenic than calcium caseinate, which is the primary allergen in milk and source of histamines. Manufacturers and the Dairy Industry recognize this ingredient as Non Dairy and many products labeled Non Dairy contain it. Allergies to Sodium Caseinate are very rare, but they do exist. Be aware, some of the ingredients in this product are blended in a multi use facility. Therefore, it is possible for this product to contain minuscule particles of whey or milk proteins, cocoa powder, various spices, flavorings, molasses, cinnamon, soybean or other vegetable oils. This product is blended and packaged in accordance with industry standard GMP (good manufacturing practices) in a facility inspected by the USFDA.

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Coffee Creamer $8.50 / bag